Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Mary, Beyonce and JayZ, Together for One Night Only.

Beyonce and her husband JayZ came to town on Saturday night and I was lucky to get to see them  with my girl Mary. 
It was a great show, full of serious dance choreography, wind machines  and not a lot of clothing…at least for Beyonce and her fans. Queen B seems to gravitate towards mesh bathing suits and stilettos, and many of her biggest fans wore similar outfits.
Mary and I did not think to wear our bathing suits and stilettos..she wore cute but sensible flats and I wore my mom sandals that look a lot like they were chosen by Peppermint Patty.
I'm sure that both Beyonce and JayZ would have been appalled had they noticed, but fortunately there were thousands and thousands of other fans in platform peek toes there to cover for us. 
But even though Mary was wearing cute flats, she was still able to rock out to every single super feminist girls rule empowerment lyric that Beyonce belted out. And there were many of them.
I was quite proud. 
And also relieved that she wasn't singing along to JayZ… whose music and style ooze cool, but his lyrics are not so PG. 
And while Beyonce and her Sasha Fierce glares through the heavy draft of her wind machine did seem a little bit intense at times… I appreciate her message of confidence and cheered for each and every raunchy girl power ballad of the night.
Here is a completely staged portrait of Mary fist pumping and loving Beyonce Sasha Fierce Knowles Carter…she and her cute, cool husband really do put on and awesome show.  

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