Friday, July 18, 2014

Nearly Naked Rick Springfield and the 80's Ladies.

Last week, our little gaggle of ladies who have fond musical memories of the 80's got together for a big night out to see Rick Springfield and Pat Benatar play together. 
It was, like totally, awesome.
And Robbin happily realized that a group of classy ladies like us needed to arrive in style and so she made sure that we had a limo to take us to the show....because after all, we are way cool 80's ladies. 
As you can see, both Robbin and I were doing our best to capture the Flashdance-y fashion of the era while the other women pretended like they didn't get the dress 80's memo and decided to go for the cute, fun and appropriate look instead.   
I assured Robbin that of course we wouldn't be the only women at the show dressed in 80's gear and that the place would probably be full of cool gals like us in Cindy Lauper meets Flashdance outfits… absolutely no need to change into the cute capri's that she had tucked in her bag.
But guess what? Apparently no one at the entire concert thought it would be as awesome as Robbin and I to pretend like we were rocking 1985. I am certain that I was wearing the only two leg warmers in the entire venue.
In fact, when Rick hit the stage, he was definitely not wearing leg warmers or really much else.
I'm still not exactly sure why Rick played the entire concert wearing only skinny black jeans, but he is by far the most body confident rock and roll grandpa ever.
And he played Jessie's Girl like nobody else could, and oddly enough did a really fantastic cover of the Katy Perry song Roar.
And it turns out, in spite of his near nudity, (or maybe because of it) I am just as much of a Rick Springfield now as I was in the early 80's.
He was very fun...kind of slimy, but the 80's ladies were ok with the super fresh sleaziness of our Dr. Noah Drake. 
Following Rick, Pat Benatar and her man Neil Giraldo hit the stage and kept all of their clothes on during the whole rock and roll time.
Pat sounds fantastic and it was a lot of fun to see her and Spyder on stage together...and yep, if you are married to Neil, then apparently you may call him Spyder with an "y." 
Which makes me wish that I had some sort of awesome badass nickname...and also made me wonder why Pat was Pat while Neil got to be Spyder with a "y."
Thank you ladies for a fantastic night full of obscure 80's references, near naked pop stars, a few questionable fashion choices and a whole lot of laughter.
And where the immortal words of Pat and Spyder ring true now more than ever.
"We are young, 
Heartache to heartache we stand, 
No promises no demands, 
Love is a battlefield 

Rock on Summer Sisters.

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