Wednesday, July 9, 2014

"Send Slim Jim's and a Better Knife!"

Photo credit of young extremely macho Jamie goes to a nice Camp Kooch-i-Ching camp counselor.

Jamie sent us a letter from camp.
He is having a GREAT time. We are certain that he is having a GREAT time because he was sure to write GREAT very big and in all caps.
He is also in desperate need of a BETTER knife, because he was the only kid without a "really good knife." 
Karl thinks that the perfectly fine swiss army knife was just a little bit too Swiss, and he needs something more macho to earn the respect of the other junior campers.
And obviously, any almost 12 year old guy with a good knife needs as many Slim Jim's as a mom can fit in a care package.
I wasn't even sure where I could buy a jumbo pack of processed meat snacks and had to depend on the kindness of friends for that level of research.
(FYI bottom shelf in snack food aisle of grocery store)
And you better believe the next box to camp was full of Slim Jims and a really awesome, full of machismo, far BETTER, knife.

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