Friday, August 22, 2014

For Those on the Verge of Going Julianne on a Zucchini…BEWARE!

For all who right now might be thinking how awesome it might be to julianne up some delicious zucchini for dinner tonight, this is my public service announcement to you.
And step slowly away from the evil julianne-er device pictured here.
It will hurt you and forever rob you of your zucchini innocence.

And there is a decent chance you might end up lying of the kitchen floor giving it your all to not faint while your sweet little 8 year old neighbor friend advises you to "breathe into your center." 
Which was really the best advice ever…and most helpful at the time.

And so as I am now in full thumb recovery, I am ordering anyone related to me (this means you Anna and Mary!) not to partake in this dangerous activity. 
Your thumb is no match for this device and will most definitely lose. 
AND it will totally hurt A LOT and definitely give you the Heebiest of Jeebies. 

Happy Friday Friends- stay safe!

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