Friday, August 29, 2014

Mmm...Yeah, Henry's mom is a Mahomie.

This was a big week for Henry. 
He is now 10 years old.
Double digits.
And so some pretty cool things happened for Henry this week. 
For his birthday, our little H-bomb wanted to see Austin Mahone in concert who happened to be coming to town just 2 days after the big birthday.
For those who might not familiar with his body of work, Austin Mahone is an 18 year old singer dancer dude…and is quite awesome. 
At the concert I learned that fans of Austin Mahone call themselves MAHOMIES.
And so I became a mahomie.
And when handsome and polite young Austin came on stage and asked… 
"Hey yo, mahomies, wassup?" 
Henry and I both threw our hands up and yahooed along with all of the other mahomies in the house. 
This is Henry in eager anticipation for Austin to sing his hit single Mmm…Yeah. 
Usually he performs this song with Pitbull… sadly, Pitbull was not in the house but Austin was still able to rock it solo.
I agreed with Henry...Mmm…yeah was fairly epic.  
After the show, we waited in front of the electronic signage for the Austin banner to come up…"take it quick, mom" So here is Henry, double thumbs up in front of the Austin Mahone sign. 
For my friends who might not yet be mahomies, Austin is a mom approved kind of guy with really quite amazing Michael Jacksony dance moves. 
And while I personally don't think that dance inspired crotch grabs add much to the show, Austin didn't ask me for my opinion and so grabbed his very own man parts a few too many times…which was the only not so pre teen friendly part of the show. 
But, well…whatever.
So I forgave him for those indiscreet grabs, especially since I think they were likely inspired by Michael Jackson, king of pop and inventor of moonwalk/ man parts grab.
And really I was just really very happy to be out rocking a Wednesday night with my still sweet ten year old Henry who was happy to be out with his newly mahomied mom.    

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