Friday, November 21, 2014

Big City Chicago Visit to Mary.

Happiness is watching your kid doing good works in something that they love and take great pride in.
I was thrilled to have a chance to see Mary in her element... assistant stage directing a production with her theater pals. 
Although this photo is blurry and grainy, I love it very much.
At the end of this show, the cast and crew of 7 gifted theater majors raised their hands in the air with a raucous cheer of "Mary-Mary!" in appreciation for her work and help. 
It was awesome. 
The play was called Amazons and their Men and was a gorgeous production full of love and fear and the despair of trying to create something beautiful in the middle of wartime. 
It was moving and lovely and the mom in me wanted to hug each fabulous young actor afterwards and tell them how extremely excellent they are.
And so I did. 
And to her credit, my Mary was not even embarrassed.
 Because I was only in town for a night, Mary's dear roomies were gracious enough to let me stay with them in their very cool Chicago apartment. 
And so I made her pose with this throw pillow that I gave her of the state of Ohio in silhouette with a sweetheart on her hometown.
Did I mention that I gave her the Cincinnati pillow to keep with with her always?
Mary was indeed very patient with her mom. 
Train station selfie with my kid... 
So proud of my girl for carving out a happy niche amongst the bright lights of the big Chicago go-go, Mary-Mary!

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