Monday, November 10, 2014

Summit Silver Knights... 3rd and 4th grade Football Champions!

Today is a very happy Monday for the most important football team in our family...yesterday the  3rd and 4th grade Summit team won their championship game, their very own Super Bowl. 
Which is very cool and not something that happens everyday, or really hardly EVER in the lives of 9 and ten year old boys. 
And Henry was very, very excited to be a part of this team.  
My favorite part about this group of guys is that because they are so few in numbers, they really need to work together to be successful. 
There are 12 fellows on the team... which means that almost every guy plays every down and have to learn how to play on both offense and defense. 
Which is great because each guy gets a lot of playing time, but is also exhausting to play for so long without a break...each boy needs to play well with the others. True teamwork at it's best.  
During the week before the big game, the school held a pep rally where the high school team visited to give our little guys some words of wisdom and encouragement. 
The high school team captains stood up in from the the entire primary school and told them that they were proud of them for playing hard and working together.
What could be better to a 4th grader than to have a big high school kid say that they are proud of you? 
Our team is extremely fortunate to have coaches who truly brought out the best in the boys. They have taught them the right skills and give them the right kind of support...the emphasis was always on playing well and enjoying the game rather than winning. 
This type of perspective and positive attitude makes for very happy players and even parents. 
Thank you coach Greg McGrath for leading our boys and also assistant coaches, Tom Schaefer, and Joe Kidd... you are truly appreciated, by both players and parents. 
The team during the school pep rally... 3rd and 4th graders in front... high school team backing them up.  
Congratulations Henry and all of the 3rd and 4th grade Summit Silver Knights... were are all proud of you for doing your best and staying strong until the end!

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