Saturday, February 28, 2015

#ArtsWave Post it Challenge.

My pal Laura tagged me in a challenge.
On behalf of Artswave, she asked me to note why the arts are important in our community. And since one of my favorite things about Cincinnati are the many fantastic opportunities for kids to get involved in the arts, I asked a couple of my kids for their thoughts. 
As a part of the challenge, you are to write why the arts are important to you on a Post it, take a photo and then post and tag your Artswave wave... here is Jamie and his Artswave wave.

Jamie is the most dedicated artist our family. He usually has a pencil in his hand and a Sharpie marker in his pocket and draws whenever and wherever he can. 
He loses track of time and everything else and can draw for hours if he isn't interrupted. 
He loves it and I can't imagine him going a single day without art. 
And when I asked him to explain, this was his answer....
"It makes me think about things differently, I look at something once and thats not good enough, to draw something you need to really look closely at the parts and how they work together to make something bigger."
When I spoke to Rosie about making music, she was less thoughtful and more about the party.
"I like playing music because its fun. Playing music is super fun and playing the violin is my jam."

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