Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Aunt Donna and the Little Sheep.

I made this photo of my Aunt Donna years ago, and while I can't remember exactly what I said at the time, it was probably something like "hey Aunt Donna, will you please hold this baby sheep and let me take your picture?"
 And then my fabulous Aunt opened up her arms without question and happily hugged that little sheep with love and tenderness... because thats exactly how she rolls. 
My Aunt Donna is in the habit of embracing everyone and everything, little lambs included, with a full heart and open arms. In fact, to know my Aunt Donna is to feel a bit like this dear little lamb... safe and happy in the arms of someone warm and loving. 
She always, always, always holds tightly onto all of the goodness that the world has to offer. With that same might, she joyfully nurtures all of that love and hope into something greater than any of us. 
Her heart is enormous and full and fierce...I love her like crazy and she knows it. 
Aunt Donna personifies all that is great kindness and generosity and love...I am honored be a part of her family and know that we are all better people with her in our world. 

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