Friday, May 22, 2015

Happy Confirmation Day!

It has been a month of milestones met and new beginnings for this kid...and I love that she looks pleased as she marches to the front of the church to accept her confirmation and become an official member of our church.
Lily and her confirmation classmates have been meeting weekly with wonderful teachers for two years to prepare for this day...they were ready.
The five newest Presbyterians on the block and were both charged seriously and welcomed warmly by the leaders and members of Knox Church.
They were reminded that when they were very young, their parents made all decisions for them, such as their baptism, but as confirmands, they were old enough to make some very important decisions on their own.
They were old enough to help in the leadership of the church, and to help make thoughtful decisions for Knox. 
Here, Pastor Adam delivers the charge and reminds Lilly and her four friends of their new responsibilities.
(Adam also managed to sneak in a reminder about helping their parents out at  home, which was cool, kind of sneaky, and very much appreciated.)
And here is our girl after the service, looking all cute and churchy with her brand new bible. 
And no church celebration would be complete without brunch and a chocolate cake... and a Grandpa photobomb. 
Fourteen years ago Karl and I were very wise in asking Jessica Depp to be Lily's godmother. 
She and Lily are very similar in so many ways... she "gets" Lily and they have had many adventures together over the years. Here, Godmother and daughter strike a post brunch party pose to mark the special day. 

Thank you Jessica for being there for our girl and Happy Confirmation Day to both you and Lilly!

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