Thursday, May 14, 2015

Happy Happy Birthday Dear Mary!

Twenty years ago today I received the most wonderful Mothers Day gift ever when this kid was born.
And since it's her birthday and she is way far away in a big and windy city, (and I'm not)
I am going to brag about her just a little bit.
I'm very proud of this young woman for many reasons... she is kind and smart and funny, and very, very organized.
I find myself trying to channel my girl whenever I'm faced with a something big and pantry or something far more complicated.
My Mary voice advice says stuff like...
"break it down, do one thing at a time, and work on it until it's finished." 
Which is a very good way to accomplish most things.
And even though she is a super sensible girl, she is also kind of nutty in the very best way.
My kid, who just yesterday was a teenager, has grown into a lovely young woman who is both extremely capable and extremely goofy.
Which is a pretty awesome combination of humanity.

Happy Birthday Dear Mary,
Wishing you all of life's blessings as you leave your teenage years behind you and launch into your 2nd decade.
Shine on chica- love you lots!

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