Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Grown Up Moms on the Loose!

Some lovely and very fun women in my world got together for a ladies only weekend in Michigan and it was quite awesome. Since Rosie considers herself a lady and was just fine with the no boys allowed rule that we made up, she was not thrilled when she realized that this was a Grown up Ladies only trip, and asked what in the world a bunch of Grown Up Moms could do without kids. We weren't exactly sure either but were excited to be together and figured we would make it up as we went along. 
Turns out, this bunch of moms was able to come up with a lot of fun stuff to keep us busy.
The first thing we did was toast our getaway with a bottle of red...and yes we were just as happy as we looked.
And admired the sunset and took big deep breaths as we ate our lasagna. 
Giggled hysterically while we tromped about in the woods like the mature grown up moms that we are. 
And then did a little meadow path choreography because... well, why not?  
When we needed a break from hiking around the woods we shopped.... and posed for cousin pictures at the super famous Cherry Republic. 
 The brilliant motto of the Cherry Republic is Life, Liberty, Beaches, Pie which I totally agree with and have folded into my own personal belief system. 
So yeah...we were able to find all sorts of stuff to do...
We hiked about in woods and meadows, laughed a lot, lounged a bit, and enjoyed each other was a perfect weekend. And we all learned that the north woods is a perfect recharging station for this group of grown up moms.  

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend Maggie!! Didn't know you kept a blog!