Saturday, October 24, 2015

Secret Boo...Who Wore it Best?

Our neighborhood really gets into Halloween and with only a week to go, the whole hood is teeming with scary yard art and all things pumpkin and spice.
One of the not so scary but super fun neighborhood traditions is that of the secret Boo. 
To "Boo" a neighbor is to very sneakily leave a treat with a Boo note at their door and then skiddadle before being crew loves this tradition and morph into a type of bank robber ninja on their night of booing. Their incognito style must work because they have never ever, been caught... also, the Booing ninja who got us is equally as sneaky, as they ran away undetected too. And while our Booer remains a mystery to us, they must know us very well because for the first year ever, even the weird dogs in our family were Booed. 
Within our awesome treats meant for humans was a an adorable purple dog monster costume... a perfect fit for both Penny and Turkey who happen to wear the same size.
 But really...we need help in deciding who gets the costume on Halloween night.
So please, you decide...who wore it best? 
Penny the slightly uptight Schnoodle?
Or Turkey the blind, deaf, addled but adored Boston terrier?
For the record, while both hounds, made adorable purple monsters, neither one absolutely embraced  and enjoyed dressing up.

If your neighborhood is not yet in the booing spirit, check out this site... for sneaky good fun!

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