Monday, November 2, 2015

Trick or Treat!

I think that my kiddos must be in some sort of golden zone for Halloween, where they still love to get dressed up and go beg for candy, but they really don't need much help from mom with the details. 
They put together their own costumes, invited their pals to join them and set off to trick or treat in their own little gangs. 
I managed to outline some trick or treat good practice guidelines, and take some photos before they left the front porch on their own recognizance. 
This is the girl gang... 4 teenage girls and a very happy to be included 7 year old. 
The guys as killer clowns... and a freaked out Athena the Goddess. 
Killer clowns were a popular guy costume this year...they were indeed terrifying. 
Henry as a SWAT team dude and his buddy as a Star Wars something. 
His SWAT team bullet proof shield has already been repaired with not so bullet proof scotch tape due to over use in pre Halloween nerf wars.
There is a new off Broadway musical out now based on the short and incredible life of Alexander Hamilton as a depicted as a rapper. It has received rave reviews and my musical theater fan daughters  can't wait to see it. 
Alexander Hamilton also inspired Lily to dress and her pal to dress as founding fathers... which they did with true style.
And you better believe our founding fathers can dance like Uma Thurman when the mood hits.
Rosie went through several costume changes before landing on Athena the Greek Goddess thanks to some last minute Halloween shopping. 
I waited until Saturday morning to buy the 8 bags of candy that we hand give out during trick or treat... I make a point of waiting to buy candy until the day of Halloween, because if not, I will eat 8 bags of candy before any tick or treaters arrive at my doorstep. 
This year Rosie went to buy candy with me, and found this gorgeous outfit on the sale rack and wisely insisted on the purchase. I was ok with this impulse buy because it's not often you can dress like a goddess for 4.99 at Krogers. 
Bargain toga shopping at it's best. 
Other than that single Kroger purchase, the kids took care of their own costumes and trick or treat plans which gave me  a whole bunch of extra time to embrace my inner ninja... here I go ninja jogging across the park with my handbag. 
 (ninjas don't have pockets)  
Which was admittedly weird, but fun, as was the entire weirdly fun, Halloweenie day!  
(photo credit Laura Faherty) 

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