Thursday, November 5, 2015

Out in the Public with Ninja Mom.

A few friends have kindly asked me to explain this photo... as though it's not completely normal for me to be photographed slow jogging through the park alone, with only my ninja purse for company.
Ok... so it goes like this.
Earlier in the week... I was invited by Rosie to be her twin on the day that we celebrate Halloween at the farm. 
Of course I was all over this idea... how often are you asked to participate in something as dangerously exciting as mother daughter ninja riding.  Happily, I found a boys XXL ninja suit that could accommodate my middle aged ninja mom body and rode a pony with my girl. 
I showed this photo to Karl and proudly remarked that the reason my ninja suit works so well is due to my black riding gloves and boots- his reply..."It's kind of like you have been waiting your whole life for just the right moment to become a Japanese assassin" and maybe that's true. 
Sorry girls, Taylor Swift if taking a back seat... Huey Lewis and the News rules this ninja van. 
Anyway, while I embraced my ninja persona more than I should have... for Rosie it was more of a one and done experiment. While I assumed that we were going to be mother daughter ninjas forever and ever. She had moved on... Very hard to believe that she was finished with the joy of being Halloween twins with her mom,  
And so when I went into her room dressed and in twinsie anticipation in my boys XXL ninja suit, and handed her the much more petit matching suit...she basically told me to take a ninja hike... she had a different costume in mind. And that dressing like your mom to go "out into the public" is slightly embarrassing.
Oh, how my ninja heart stung from the rejection of my daughter, my love.
But only for a minute... because we had stuff to do..."out not the public" to get to!
To the symphony!
I am extremely fortunate to have a good friend who thinks I am less weird than my daughter and was happy to photo document our morning. Laura Faherty is a journalist to the max and insists on honest photos made better by fancy chandeliers.  And she doesn't even mind hanging out with this ninja out into the public. 
And here I am honestly pretending to be a fighter ninja, but looking more like a power ranger or maybe some peculiar member of an 80's band.
Laura would like me to note that she flopped  down on the playground and shot up to capture the honest essence of this bizarro, 80's power ranger ninja.
I tried to look more ninja like through karate chop moves at the polite suggestion of a passer by, but somehow I think it works even less.
But Music Hall does make an amazing background for my pitiful ninja moves.
And while Rosie did miss out on being my twinsie ninja sidekick, she managed to have a good morning laying low and carefully avoiding being photographed out in the public with her ninja mom.

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