Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Passport to Forever- Cat Ears on the Catwalk.

Rosie spend Saturday night working the runway for International Adoption... she was very excited to be included as a model for the International Adoption Center at Cincinnati Children's Hospital benefit... Passport to Forever.
The IAC in Cincinnati has been serving the needs of internationally adopted children and their families for over 15 years. Dr. Mary Staat is an adoptive mom to three fantastic children who were adopted internationally and understands health concerns both as a doctor and as a mom.
She has been there for adoptive families when they need her most offering support and guidance and answering all sorts of complicated questions.
But this big fun Saturday night party wasn't about any of those concerns... it was all about the energy and celebration of childhood. And fortunately Dr. Staat has a lot of dear friends and grateful parents who really know how to throw a good party. Nancy Kayes and Karen Sparling have chaired this event for years, and have assembled a small but mighty force of dedicated volunteers who work their buns off to make awesome.  
And while Rosie still has a thing or two to learn about hosting a party, she is all about enjoying one.  
Rosie T. Swift enjoying her post show signature drink.. a Shirley Temple with a straw. 
She has has some experience as a runway model,  this is her 5th year strutting her stuff... but her first year walking the catwalk with cat ears. We can blame/thank Taylor Swift for this trend but I think Rosie can handle her kitty cat ears with style.
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