Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hoppy Easter!

Hoppy hoppy Easter... my little guys thought that this was the most hysterical punniest thing ever... they kept reminding me over and over to have a hoppy Easter.
And we did...full of egg hunts and chocolate bunnies and snowball tombs. No kidding. Lily made the coolest little tomb in Sunday school out of a Hostess snowball cut in half. A Nilla wafer was the stand in for the stone and she hollowed out a spot in the cupcake and had a little slip of paper that said Jesus was not in the tomb, he had risen. The whole scene was on a paper plate garden made realistic with green coconut grass. It was quite a lovely little diorama an Lily was very proud of it and I was grateful for the wonderful Sunday school teachers for finding away to connect the meaning of Easter to my daughter through the creative medium of a Hostess cupcake.
Happy, hoppy Easter to all!

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