Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Vermilion Flycatcher

This is an excerpt from Lily's report on an animal that lives in the desert. She chose to report on the under-appreciated vermilion flycatcher.

A male vermilion flycatcher is very red. Unlike the female vermilion flycatcher that is very brown.
A male vermilion flycatcher gives a showy bug to the female so the female will mate with it. Kind of like what we do.
The vermilion flycatcher is a bird and as you would expect it lives in a nest. Speaking of where it lives, it lives in North America and South America. I don’t know the exact deserts it lives in but I know it lives in deserts.

I asked her about the "showy bug" observation and how it relates to "what we do." She explained it as when a human boy wants a girl to be his girlfriend, he gives her something like a fancy bracelet, which is THE EXACT SAME THING as when a male vermilion flycatcher gives a female flycatcher a showy bug, like a colorful moth.
Go figure.

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