Saturday, April 4, 2009

"I really like those french girls..." Jamie G.

Mlle. A is a lovely and durable girl... The little guys are all crazy about her and Anna and Mary are thrilled to have her around school . Jamie is absolutely smitten... he keeps trying to recruit Mlle. A. and her friends to babysit him, but so far they haven't understood his requests. He asked me to take this picture of him with Mlle. A and her friends. He cracks me up!

Mlle A. seems to be holding her own in our nutty household. She is very quiet, I don't think she speaks or understands a ton of English, which is not a big deal. A lot of smiling, nodding and pointing. Mornings are going pretty well... I end up putting stuff in front of her until she sees something that looks good... toast, juice, cereal, whatever. I was worried bout how I was going to motivate my little darlings out the door and to school without frightening her, but I've learned that if I use strong words in a upbeat sing songy voice...I get close to the same results without scaring the poor girl.

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