Monday, May 25, 2009

Baby Robin Bird

We found a baby robin in a rainstorm... very soggy, very cold, very pitiful little fellow.

The kids honed their worm hunting skills and dangled and dropped them into his wide open beak and I took the less blood thirsty route of feeding him cat food. Henry became the most attentive bird daddy ever. Here he is with dinner for his little baby robin bird.

Henry is more proud of our baby bird then any daddy bird in the whole history of daddy birds.

Yesterday our little bird flew away to join his fellow robin pals in the big wide world. As Grandma Bird I worry... he was a fabulous flyer, but I'm not sure if he was the most skilled worm hunter.My hope is that those million year old hunting instincts kick in now that he is dependent no more.
So... here is my final charge to my favorite feathered grandbird... Go forth and fly little guy... hunt those delicious worms and enjoy them. Find a nice lady robin, start a family, love your happy little bird life!

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