Monday, May 4, 2009

Mini Pig Run

Pre-run stretching

And they're off!

Cincinnati hosts a fantastic marathon on the first Sunday in May called the Flying Pig. It is much loved and way popular and the city really comes together in support of this awesome event. Pretty much the coolest person to be this weekend is a runner in the Pig... it is widely celebrated throughout the city. On the Friday morning before the big race the boys school hosts a Mini Pig run for the pre-schoolers. The kids run twice around the athletic field (a big distance for little legs) while being cheered on by their teachers and parents. The big kids man the water stations (a vital part in any marathon!) and everyone has a great time... especially the little guys enjoying the glory of the run. This year Henry's class were runners and Jamie's class made signs and cheered. Henry was very proud of himself and had a blast running his mini pig!

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