Monday, May 18, 2009

Disappointing news from Ethiopia

Our court date in Ethiopia has been delayed.
There is not a problem with our case or our little girl, but rather an issue with all cases of our nature. So the Ethiopian courts have decided to all halt adoptions similar to ours until they work out this problem. We have no idea of a timeline as to when it will be resolved and we can be re-issued a court date. Once we make it through court, our little girl is legally ours and we travel to bring her home. Until then we wait and worry. The simple act of joining a child who needs a family to a family who is excited and happy to make them an important part of their lives, is unbelievably heart-breakingly complicated. She needs her new family and we are waiting- not so patiently. We wait and wait and hope and pray for whatever problem that is keeping us apart to be resolved quickly so that we can go get our little one and bring her home.

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