Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hello Snow!

To the thrill of the school age kiddos, we got our first big snow and a snow day.... and then a delay the following day. It's funny, after all that time off, there were so many grumbles that they didn't get the full day in "I can't believe we only got a delay..." Horrors. Because my little darlings are an extremely high maintenance snow gang- I spent the day at home trying to keep up with their snow equipment and accessories and didn't have time to get out myself. So after they finally went back to school, I bundled up Miss Rosie and took her out to say hello to her first snow and a sled pull around the block. I realized quickly that I was missing a key design feature on the purple sled... a seat-back. You know how when you see photos of those stylish Scandinavian parents pushing or pulling their little Scandinavian babies everyone involved looks safe and comfortable? Not so much us. My no seat-back purple sled was giving her a tough time and she kept falling out the back until she figured out that she needed to lean forward to keep her cute little buns in the sled. Even with this extra challenge, she loved her little snow journey and got mad with me when it was time to go home. My little Ethiopian snow bunny!


  1. Send me an email with your blog login info whenever you are ready to switch to the next design!

  2. Just saw this post. Somehow I missed it. Rosie looks adorable!! We need to get together sometime.