Friday, May 7, 2010

A Rose at the Altar

Rosie was all smiles and polite sunshine at lunch following the service.

Miss Rose was baptized last Sunday... and even though she was only at the altar for about two minutes she thought she would use those two minutes to take a stand for fashion. As she was being welcomed and received into our church...with our whole lovely congregation as witness- she and I had quite the heated discussion. It turns out that she really, really wanted to wear her big sister's sunglasses while she was being baptized. She thought that these oversized fashion sunglasses were the coolest thing that she ever got a hold of and she was really passionate about her plan to incorporate them into her baptism. First she wanted to wear them, I disagreed, then she wanted me to wear them- I wouldn't- we went back and forth a few times as our kind and patient pastor politely ignored our wrestling match and continued with the job at hand.In the end, she won the argument and I learned not to offer a two year old such a fun distraction if you plan to take it away any time soon. Apparently nothing gets between Rosie and her fashion glasses.It was noted that while Rosie was argumentative at the altar, she was at her most polite and sweet at the lunch following the service. Timing really is everything.

Here is our family photo with everyone except Anna who was waiting outside for us to take a family photo...sorry Anna.

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