Monday, May 3, 2010

Weapons of Williamsburg

As an attempt to bring some history and culture to our little darlings Karl and I took the gang to Williamsburg, Virginia over spring break. Anna the Unadventurous flat out refused to join us- her loss. While there were some trying moments during the trek- the kids now seem to have only happy memories. All of the kids that is, except for Lily who tends to document things by listing them. Today I found a note in "her" seat in the van that was titled "List of Injuries." First item on her list was "poked in the eye by Jamie's gun" #2 -"skinned knee very badly." Number 3 was "poked in the face by Henry's camera" and #4,5,6, all read the same..."eye problems, see #1." That's right... Lily was poked in the eye by Jamie's cool colonial rifle 4 times in 3 days. Yikes! Jamie and Henry completely embraced all of the historical weaponry which made the rest of the family- Lily especially- victims of numerous eye pokes. Next time we go on a family vacation we will make sure that all of the children are equally armed.
Ready aim... poke my sister in the eye 4 times...Lily with her gift shop choice... next time, better off with a firearm... notice Jamie lurking nearby.

Rosie and Mary in Jamestown- for the most part these two steered clear of the weapon obsession, except for one evening when we went for ice cream and my sweet little babygirl became...

Guns & Rosie!

Henry and Lily plot their escape while sporting their tri-corners while Jamie takes a break from colonial family warfare.

Shooting pirates in Jamestown.

We all agreed that a poufy white shirt added to his colonial machismo.

Big grins up front... and the rifleman lurks behind.

Henry preferred the look of a baseball hat and pistol... more CIS Miami then colonial Williamsburg.

Young James defending the fort in Jamestown- he was serious about keeping us all safe from any wandering terrorists.

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  1. Great pictures... this post is too funny with the eye injuries and boys (and ET princesses!) with guns!