Tuesday, May 25, 2010


SCDS presents The Sound of Music
fun times backstage...

I love it when one of my kiddos find something in their life that gives them a happy spark.
Our Mary has really developed a love of acting and the theater over the past year and it has been wonderful to watch her excitement and commitment to her new passion. She LOVES it! Her school just finished their production of The Sound of Music. Mary played the part of Brigitta Von Trapp very convincingly- as a completely unbiased mom- I thought she was completely perfect...grin.
The show was great... teamwork at it's best- they all understood that they were dependent on each other to pull together a successful show and they were all completely supportive of each other as they did this. One of the best things for me was watching the kids who weren't used to singing and dancing on stage belt out a musical number with confidence.
Here is a fun little video of her and her buddy Alex, aka Rolf the delivery boy/reluctant Nazi doing a hippy cool handshake.

As a bonus Mary turned 15 on opening night- she said that it was her best birthday ever!
Bravo Mary!

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