Sunday, August 15, 2010

Road Tripping

Karl and I, seven kids (our kids+a pal) and a parakeet... journey to the beach.
This photo was taken at the midpoint of our trip home from Hilton Head- Lily looks rough, Jamie, dangerous, and even Harry the bird looks a little frazzled.
Only 3 more states to go... that is in the United States, not mental or emotional states. Who knew how many of those kind of states we had to go...

This is a happy picture of the teenager car passengers +Rosie enjoying the charm of a Wendy's in Tennessee. Rosie traveled in the family truckster but she was so delighted to see her big sisters who rode together in the little car, every time we made a pit stop.

Here is the whole team trying not to be blown away on the very very windy last day. For some reason, Rosie, who was very nervous about the beach seemed very relaxed and happy in the windstorm. Harry the parakeet tried to make the beach family photo but was almost blown away and had to be returned to the condo.... poor little fellow

Henry, (aka H-Bomb) was thrilled to go fishing one day... I think he looks like he could have his own Sunday morning fishing show in this photo.

Miss Mary and Rosie on the very windy last day.

Henry and Jamie with a washed up jellyfish...much like the one that stung their sister.

Miss Lily... digger of sandcastles, before her run in with the jellyfish.

Rosie loves sunglasses... probably her favorite part of the beach was the abundance of sunglasses to steal. In spite of some of the inevitable family vacation bumps... sick kids, jelly fish stings, kid crankiness from togetherness overload, it was a great vacation.
The best part of the beach trip for me was getting to spend a whole week with our own whole family and my very cool OSU pal Terry, and her amazing family.
Can't wait until H.H. 2011!

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