Sunday, August 8, 2010

Some More...

Guatemala is a gorgeous country... it's nicknamed the Land of Eternal Spring because it is often sunny and 70 degrees. The natural beauty of Lake Attilan, (named as one of the most beautiful lakes in the WORLD), and the vibrant colors of the countryside provided some wonderful photo opportunities. So, here are some more pics.

A little family band in Antigua. I loved that the smaller drums were made of turtle shells.

In a church in the town of Santiago.
A student at a high school that we visited working on her weaving.

The "Wedding Cake Church" in Antigua.

The view from a school in the Highlands.

The old cathedral ruins in Antigua

We took a boat to visit a school on the other side of Lake Attilan. Here is Mary with Katie- one of the forever energetic and completely dedicated staff members of CoEd.
A fisherman working from a boat on Lake Attilan.
A little fellow watching from up high... I have no idea how he got up there or how he got down, but he was very happy in his perch!

The view from The Posada Santiago... the inn where we stayed the first two nights.

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