Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Yay Schoolbus!

The gang just before the bus arrived, Rosie helped me walk the kids to the bus stop.

Ahhh.... the first day of school. I was so happy to welcome that bus and get back to a regular, if maybe a less fun then summer routine. While I love the idea of the kids going back to school-Rosie is having a tougher time of it. For the first few days she was really out of sorts...very insecure and insisted that I hold her all day while she bossed me around. She also refused to nap, which was a huge bummer because I was really looking forward to her naps to give me a break from the clinginess. Do you remember when Yoda had Luke Skywalker in Jedi boot camp and built his Jedi endurance by hanging on his back and giving him orders? Well, Rosie is my Yoda... she even sounds like him. "No sit mommy- no sit no sit- get kids... get kids, readygo- readygo-readygonow readygoNOW!"
However...she does begin preschool soon which will give her school buddies and structure and a chance to wear a very cute backpack a few times a week.
Yay preschool!
Oh and the report from the big sibs is that school is cool. Mary is happy to be a sophomore and more importantly- not a freshman- Lily loves being in the 4th grade- the big cheeses of the primary school, Jamie is crazy about his 2nd grade teacher and Henry is embracing kindergarten with happy enthusiasm.
I love school.

And they're can just barely see Rosie wistfully waving her pink pony in the corner. She is far less happy with the start of school then I am.

Imagine Luke as a cranky middle aged housewife, and Yoda looking a lot less pleasant and a lot more frantic and you will get close to my back to school week with Rosie.

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