Thursday, September 30, 2010

FAMILY weekend

Anna is sooooo lucky that a subset of her fun + cool family got to visit her in Charlotte last weekend. She thought her life was pretty fine until we showed up and made her do stuff like wear fashionable AND matching t-shirts. Here we are on the campus quad sporting our big greens.

Anna and Mary strike a pose with the Firebird sculpture outside of the art museum in downtown Charlotte.

Charlotte is a happenin' town!

Anna came to our hotel on Sunday morning to have a birthday breakfast- happy 19th Anna!

The Bengals happened to be playing the Carolina Panthers on Sunday... here are Karl, Mary and the college kids cheering on the Bengals during a rainy, rainy game.


  1. I swear... I get chills just seeing Anna at 19 and remembering her at birth so clearly. She is a WONDERFUL and beautiful young woman.