Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sparkle and tubesocks...

Rosie's is fortunate to have a big sister who knows exactly what is important and almost necessary to a two year little girl. Mary took Rosie shopping at her favorite shoe boutique (Target) and returned home with ruby red sparkle shoes. Rosie loves her new shoes more than anything else that she has ever worn and refuses to wear anything else. The only issue with her new footwear is that they are a size too big. Mary said that she had to guess on the size and that once she tried on the first pair, The Divine Miss Rose refused to let her take them off to see if the smaller size was a better fit. In fact she screamed at the top of her little lungs at the mere inclination of Mary removing her sparkle shoes... she won that battle but now must wear double tube socks with her fancy shoes until her feet grow a bit more.

"See them? So pretty... so pretty fancy shoes!"
Rosie G.

Yep... I do believe that our Rosie is girl with a thing for fancy shoes.

1 comment:

  1. DIVA!!! :)

    Just one more reason I think my R and your R will be great friends. She's a shoe lover, too!!

    Such cute pictures. She's getting so big and is soooo darling!