Thursday, November 11, 2010

Good idea? oh yeah.

Ok, so I did it... I got a wild hair and bought tickets for my boys to go the symphony. Then I had some 'splaining to do... Why?!?? I was asked again and again...Why do it? How could it possibly be a good idea to

take this boy,

and this boy,

to the symphony on purpose.

I don't know really, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. And guess what? I was right! I am neverever right when it comes to guessing if my boys will be well behaved. I generally assume that they will always "make poor choices" when faced with challenges that include listening ears and staying quiet and respectful in a room full of adults.
But I was wrong and I loved it. The boys had an awesome time. It was the Halloween show, full of spooky music. Lily's violin teacher found us in the audience and offered the boys a discreet wave from the stage. Cool.
They wore their costumes... and some other concert goers did too-thank goodness.
But the point is, they were good.
That's the exciting part. They were so good that the seasoned symphony couple who sat behind us complimented me on their good behavior.
Not once or twice... but three times.

They enjoyed themselves so much that when I asked if they wanted to go home at intermission, they both said "NO!"
Jamie said that he wanted to "see how it ends."
So we stayed for the whole symphony.
And they said it shouldn't be done, couldn't be done.

It was done.. here is Jamie after the show.

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