Monday, November 8, 2010

Passport to Forever 2010

The International Adoption Center hosted their benefit fundraiser on Saturday night and my younger kids were fortunate to participate. The highlight of the evening is a fashion show featuring adopted kids born in countries all over the strutting their stuff.
Here is Rosie during the finale with her Ethiopian flag Her partner on the runway was her buddy Ryan who is next to her with her his own Guatemala flag. Mary and Jordan... their teenage sisters/handlers, are behind them for support.

My boys, Jamie and Henry, working the runway... I think they look dashing in their cool hats and jackets. Jamie wore his reading glasses because he thought they suited his outfit- he was right... looking sharp!

Rosie working the runway... she loved being the center of attention and waved and grinned the entire time she was on stage. No surprise there... our girl is a true ham.

Flag finale... many children, each carrying a poky, pointy flags ... no incidents or accidents. Success!

The three guys from Guatemala, kickin' back together, post show.

Karl and I volunteered to put together the slide show that they show at the beginning of the program. We spoke to a wonderful family who recently adopted their 10 yr old son, Herwens from Haiti. Herwens is one of the most adorable and strongest little guys I have ever met... completely inspiring. The show also featured many photos of beautiful adopted children and their families and we put it to the music of Michael Franti and Spearhead. Michael Franti is an amazing singer and songwriter who was adopted as a child and now is a committed advocate for adoption. He also happens to be an extremely cool dude.

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