Monday, November 15, 2010

Words Words Words

Mary's school put on a production of David Ives, "All in the Timing" a play in 6 acts. Mary played the part of Kafka the monkey in the second act titled "Words, Words, Words."
In the weeks of practice up to the show, Mary tried to explain the premise to me but I had a hard time grasping the concept, until I saw the play... then it all made sense in an obscure kind of way.
In the production, a never seen researcher named Dr. Rosenbaum offers a theory that "Three monkeys hitting keys at random on typewriters for an infinite amount of time will almost surely produce Hamlet." He tries to prove this theory through experiment with three monkeys named, Swift (as in Jonathan) Kafka (Franz) and Milton (John). The three monkeys do some typing and spent time discussing their captivity, their captor (Dr. Rosenbaum) and their monkey futures. I thought it was hysterically funny and touching too. My little theater companions Lily, Jamie, Henry and a couple of their buddies, laughed so hard that they were almost rolling in the aisle. They missed most of the comedic references, but the fact that their big sister was a typing monkey made up for it.
The whole production was great... all 6 acts were very well done. I am amazed that the kids can learn such a detailed and complicated script and play their parts so convincingly. Each young actor did an excellent job in proving that life is almost always a comedy or a tragedy of timing. I do believe that David Ives would be proud if he dropped in on this performance.

(That's my official mom review ~grin~)

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