Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Creeping on OtR

 As if Mr. Cowpie wasn't musical entertainment enough, last night I was able to see my favorite band, Over the Rhine at Joseph-Beth Books. They were completely terrific, of course, and packed the bookstore house. It was so crowded that I was thrilled to find a spot behind a shelf of books with a gap. I had a perfect close-up view, but my Mary was completely embarrassed for me ..."it looks like you are totally creeping on your favorite band." She thought that Karin and Linford would be alarmed by me peeking through the books. Didn't bother me in the least... here is a shot of Karin from my awesome secret creeper spot.


Only in my dreams, can I belt out a musical love story like Karin, especially as she sings their Infamous Love Song, a song recounting the relationship between her and Linford. It seems to reference the meaty part of their marriage... the good stuff and the tough stuff that happens over the years, instead of only the soft beginnings.  It's so moving and brings me close to tears whenever she sings it. Perhaps, in an alternate reality, I would have the chops to sing like that to my beloved dude...sigh.

Oh, and Linford on piano... and guitar too, so talented and just ridiculously cool. 

Karl's favorite song from the album is titled All My Favorite People (are broken), and I absolutely refuse to read too much into his choice. It's a lovely song... he claims that the saxophone on the track won him over. He's a former sax man, so I'll believe him and besides, this song has one of my favorite lyrics ever.

"Orphaned believers, skeptical dreamers
You're welcome
Yeah, you're safe right here
You don't have to go"
Linford Detweiler
Over the Rhine
  The Long Surrender
photo by Michael Wilson

Here is a review on the album from the LA Times... 4 out of 4 stars.


  1. Hey creeper-- OTR was on NPR yesterday!

  2. Cool! I love OTR and don't mind being creepy under the right circumstances.I am so happy that Melissa Block + Robert Siegel realized how cool they are too... Yay npr!thanks for the link.