Monday, February 14, 2011

Cupid Duo

 February 14, 2011 
7:45 am

Valentine's day for little kids is awesome. Lots of fun treats and everyone is kind to each other in a truly democratic fashion. EVERYONE gets a fun note in the decorated shoebox of love. 

Last year, Jamie gave each little girl in his class and each teacher a Valentine rose. He was a huge hit with all of the girls and his teachers who he correctly identified as "grown up girls," so he thought he would use that same tactic this year.
Lily also wanted to give roses as valentines, but felt that the guys in her class would be embarrassed to get roses from her, so she chose to give them to the only the other girls in her class. Smart move on Lily's part.
Henry opted out of the whole flower gifting but was especially excited that so many Valentine's cards feature hamsters... his all time favorite little creature.

Have a terrific Valentine's Day, everyone!

Please also note Jamie's new glasses inspired by one of his heroes... Harry Potter, boy wizard.

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