Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hallelujah... all praise the electric snake!

Rosie and Ed

This is Ed, my plumbing knight in shining armor and my little damsel- having a fabulous time and not in any distress whatsoever- Rosie. 
Ed came to our plumbing rescue because SOMEONE, probably someone short and cute, flushed some legos down the can.
And then SOMEONE, again probably short and cute, pooped on top of the lego-clogged toilet.
Karl and I have addressed many many similar scenarios before and in fact are both as talented at plunging as you can be before going pro.Years of experience have made us probably two of the best amateur plungers in Southern Ohio.We even have developed quite an arsenal of plunging tools AND we know when and how to use them properly... right plunger for the clog and all that.
But even with these mad skills and tools we were unable to free the legos...
Enter, Ed to the rescue.
My hero looked at our clog and told me that the crank snake that we tried from our own collection was useless and he needed to go electric.Ed said that if the electric snake didn't break through the clog, then he would have to take the whole toilet out to access the pipes.
"I'm not even going to tell you what that will cost you yet, lets just hope the electric snake works it's magic." said Ed. 
The snake worked! It was a magical and beautiful breakthrough... I cheered, Ed cheered and Rosie jumped up and down and clapped her little hands in the excitement of it all.
Such a fun and interesting day for our cute little potty clogger... as much as I enjoy Ed's company, I hope that he doesn't need to return for awhile.

Here is the "magical" electric snake... a necessary tool, so we learned, in raising our Rosie.

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  1. Perhaps your budding architect was building a model of an aquaduct... and then stress testing it? So glad to hear that Ed was able to come to the rescue!