Monday, June 13, 2011

I Need a Headshot by 4:00

"Mom... I need a headshot of myself for the show in workshop."
"Ok... when do you need it?"
 On any given day moms never know what they will be asked to produce on short notice. 
In this case I think Mary's actors headshot turned out pretty well having been taken in our impromptu back porch studio a couple hours before it needed to be in.

Here is the progress of our attempts in getting a keeper.

We thought too "picture day-ish" for the theater.

Ok... less picture day but a little too posey.

I think this will work, but Mary thinks it might need to be in black and white...

Yay for digital, where the black and white option is a click away!

Here is my own personal refrigerator copy.

 Ok... so I may have coerced her a bit into autographing one with the "best mom ever" stuff- but I do have some demands of my own.

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