Wednesday, June 1, 2011


The Most Awesome BabyChicken Ever!
We recently discovered that I am quite the terrible hen and Karl, not such a great rooster, when it comes to the number of chickens we can hatch, but we are very good when it comes to chicken quality.

Meet our new awesome chick, gender yet to be determined.

As an interesting science-y experiment, we thought we could hatch chicken eggs in our basement incubator. We had fabulous success a few years ago when 11 out of 12 bumblebee size quail happily emerged from their tiny little specked eggs on their due date. So easy, so fun, we thought.
Not so much with the "assorted bantam eggs" that we ordered, received via US Mail and set in the incubator with far too much confidence.
Only one little guy hatched...or perhaps gal, we don't know know his gender yet, but are hoping for a girl. The lady chickens at Ping's future flock (or any chicken flock, really) have a more practical skill set as egg layers whereas the roosters just strut about and cause problems. Consequently the fellows have a waaaaay shorter lifespan.
The kids named him Ping and have been completely doting on him ever since he hatched. He has done his job as a good little chick and has not died after 2 weeks of being extremely well loved by his surrogate kid parents.
Of course they wanted to take him to school to show off his cuteness and because they have kind and patient teachers... the chicken spent a day in the second grade.

I have heard that only children do better in academic situations and tend to score higher on tests. Maybe due to more parental involvement and coaching, don't know for sure.  However, I do think that if tested, Ping would definitely score in a higher percentile then his chicken peers.

Proud papa Jamie and young Ping... 
(pay no attention to the little girl in the background possibly deleting vital school data) 

Ping's newly hatched photo... surrounded by his lesser brother and sister eggs.  
Ping at 2 days... adorable and lonely for the chicken siblings he will soon meet in his new flock.

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  1. That's awesome! I wish I was cool enough to get some baby chicks hatching.