Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Shoes and Mags

 Shoes and Mags at age 13

My teenage nickname was always Mags... by besty bud's nickname was Shoes. No one knows for for how the name "Shoes" was acquired but there are a few different theories... likely, it was given to her because her true last name sounds similar to "shoes" but two more possibilities exist...
  Erika often misplaced her Shoes (who doesn't?) resulting in impromptu song with the lyrics "...where are Erika's shoes?" 
Or, Erika could have become Shoes been from this strange but true on vacation request from my brother's friend Todd... 
"Quick- Erika, give me your shoe, there is a squirrel on the patio and I want to see if I can whack it..."
Erika happily obliged and gave him her shoe... I can't remember if Todd beaned the squirrel, (probably not) but the nickname stuck.


While on that same historic vacation to Hilton Head, Shoes and I at age 13 were both itching for adventure and, I'm sure driving my parents to the brink of drink after a few days of family togetherness. So they did what any wise parents would do and put us on an all day boat trip to Daufuskie Island, a rustic little Gullah island across the sound from Hilton Head.   

We armed ourselves with my new Polaroid One Step camera, a backpack style oversize purse, and cute sweaters and boarded a tour boat called the Vagabond for our hour long boat ride to adventure. 

 I had just read the The Water is Wide by Pat Conroy and also had seen the John Voight movie based on the movie so I am sure I considered myself an island expert and was super obnoxious with my new found knowledge. I'm surprised Shoes didn't throw me off the Vagabond before we arrived on the island. 

When we arrived, we entertained ourselves by taking photos of each other in the parking lot. Shoes is a far better poser rockin' her gym shorts.
I was less good...why did I ever think this was a fun/cool pose?

I think that I was trying to show the correlation between the size of the outhouse and the abandoned Daufuskie home.  I am sure that I thought of this Polaroid photography as poignant social commentary that might upset the world with the truths I was uncovering. 
Shoes and I were very edgy.

"Hey Shoes take my picture in front of this abandoned house...

 and now I'll take yours." 

I love that Shoes then autographed her Polaroid... how cool is that?

There are a few dates that you learn during your childhood that you will never forget. For me June 8th is one of those days to remember because it is my best bud's birthday.
Have a great final day of teaching those lucky first graders-
then at 3:30 this afternoon...

Shoes and Mags at age 13 + 30 years

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  1. We hope you come back to Hilton Head for some more adventures. Happy Birthday Shoes!

    -Bailey with Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort