Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dog Jog.

Jamie and Henry are both feeling the runner's high after being a part of "Barktoberfest's Dog Jog" in the park on Sunday morning. 
 Penny our sort of sporty schnoodle.

The dog jog is a very fun run benefit run to raise money for Friends of Noah, a pet shelter that helps find families for dog and cats and other furry little beasties. The run takes place over a 2 mile course through a very pretty park, but the thing is, you need a dog to jog. It's completely against the dog jog creed to jog solo. While we are a two dog family, we have only one sort of sporty dog and Henry called Penny as his own. This left Jamie in need of a running partner, which was absolutely not a problem at all because as a fundraiser for an animal shelter, a surplus of hounds eager to run with boys was ready and available.     
Jamie was assigned a charming hound with a sparkly blue eye named Luckystar who was full of awesome. Luckystar and Jamie quickly became good friends and a fast team.   

     Henry and Penny started strong but got overwhelmed by the scene and together made a joint decision to dog jog back to mom after the first mile. 
Can't blame them a bit... Henry was the youngest runner and got separated from the pack jogging alone with only a little brown schnoodle as a guide made him nervous, so hanging out with mom at the finish line seemed like a wise move. 
 But there was no way Jamie and Luckystar were turning back. They both ran the two miles as fast as they could without stopping and were very proud of themselves. 
While a fully realize that it's an obnoxious move to cut, copy, and paste the race results here, I will anyway... because I think it's way cool that 10 year old Jamie and dog "Borrowed" came in just beyond the medals of 4th place in a race full of grown up men and dogs of their own. 

Dog Jog 2012

Place    O'All    No.    Name    Sex    Dog Name    City    State    Time    Pace
1     5     1740    TIM SMALLIDGE    M    ROXY    HEBRON    KY     12:41     6:21
2     10     1690    BRAD MIDDENDORF    M    WINNIE    FT MITCHELL    KY     13:42     6:51
3     24     1748    NICK DAVIS    M    CLAYFORD    CINCINNATI    OH     18:00     9:00

4     25     1671    JAMIE GIESEKE    M    BORROWED    CINCINNATI    OH     18:08     9:04
5     35     1712    ERIC SOTZING    M    COSMO    MIDDLETOWN    OH     19:30     9:45
6     58     1659    EDWIN BROTT    M    LINCOLN    CINCINNATI    OH     27:39     13:50

 I think it's really important to make sure that the athletes in the family maintain some humility, so to ensure that they didn't get too full of themselves, I caused them a little hardship by locking the keys in the van after the race. Here is my little huddled mass waiting and freezing in running shorts for dad to come rescue us. It was about 40 degrees and they were really very crabby as you can see.

Jamie really liked his running partner Luckystar and wished that he could come home with us. Unfortunately, our household is at full dog capacity right now, but after spending the morning watching Jamie and Luckystar, I can honestly say that she is a great dog, with a huge joyful personality and a lot of energy. She loves and adores people of all kinds...also other dogs, Luckystar happily ran in a pack of people and dogs and didn't show any signs of  nervousness of fear. While there are likely reasons why she shouldn't be so darn happy, she doesn't realize that and would make someone a very fun, and fearless friend. 
If you are interested in this sweet girl, please contact Friends of Noah for more information.


  1. Jamie is a very nice kid I went went with him and was hi bunk mate so tell him I said hi from jacob