Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The (not so) Serious Moonlight.

Ever wonder what would happen if you decide to "sleep" outside in tents with 20 kids and a full lovely moon?
A whole lot of
shrieking, running and sweating.
Maybe not so much a peaceful commune with nature but really a lot more fun.
I think that all of the nature of the night was officially freaked out by just how loud and rowdy a passel of young humans can be. I'll bet the intruded upon wildlife... the coyotes and racoons and such, were cowering in their dens with their paws over their furry little ears waiting for us to pack up and leave already.
Poor dears.
 When the tents started to go up the farm took on the feel of an "Occupy Wall Street" protest, only far less peaceful...more like an occupy event during a raid.
If any of the kids realized that they were "the 99%" the adults on site would have been doomed. 
They were far younger, stronger, and had remarkable endurance.
We didn't have a chance when faced with those kind of super powers... fortunately there were no arrests or senseless acts of violence. 
Here is Ryan in front of his very own tent that he almost had the nerve to sleep in.
His shirt reads
In case you didn't know, Major Barnes is a very, very, tough fellow.
 A very crabby and toilet mouthed farm toad couldn't wait for us to leave his backyard...
 "please go find your stupid keys, get in your damn cars and leave me the hell alone."
Blame it on the not so serious moonlight...

We had a wonderful and very rowdy night, sleeping a little bit, but mostly watching our little werewolves as they ran around the farm, sweating, screaming and loving life itself.

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