Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Guest Blogger Dance Off...

The following Just Dance post was written by my dear daughter, Anna.

The most humbling aspect of this was the many reassurances in the "comments" section of her class blog, sympathizing with Anna for having such a dorky-dancey family.

What the what!?!

I believe I dance just as well as any rhythm challenged, middle aged, white lady.
Ok... maybe not Madonna,
(a middle aged white lady full of dancerly awesome)
But perhaps there are a few other gals who I could get down and boogie with on similar, if not completely equal, dance footing. 

I feel the need to take this moment, (and sorta public forum) to give a shout ou to my Ohio State dance tutor and dear friend... Terror Rose. I'm very sure that she is proud and honored to be associated with these "hands in the air like you don't care" moves 25 (ish) years following those very fun and educational dance offs.

Rock on Buckeyes everywhere,
maggie g.

Just Dance 

Rosie G...one of the better dancers in the family.
               One of the things I love most about my family is how much we like to dance.  Nobody in our family is very good at dancing, but we dance all the time anyway.  Throughout high school it was perfectly normal to come home to my mom doing “the guns” in the kitchen as she makes after school snacks.  I remember after she met my stepdad, Karl, one of the first things she said to me was “Anna you’ll love him he does such a good running man”. Everyone in my family has the same dorky dance moves.  And with the only exception being the father daughter tap dancing class that Lily and Karl took, the older members of the family try to limit our dancing to just inside the house.  But this isn’t the case for the younger members, Lily, Jamie, Henry, and Rosie dance everywhere they go.  In the grocery store, on the sidewalk, outside the gas station, sometimes it will be a full minute of freestyle, other times just a quick moonwalk.  They dance everywhere they go and I love it. It’s the videos of them dancing that make me the most homesick.  I love the carefree attitude they have and how they don’t care about anything other then the fact that they just want to dance.

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