Monday, June 17, 2013

Crafty Cards for Grown-Ups.

Inspired by the Mother's Day card that Rosie made for me (with a ton of help from her kind teachers) my dear husband decided that his dear dad was also in need of a cute crafty card from his oldest son.

I offered to find the poem with the message of,
(I'm paraphrasing) nice to me when I am little, because someday I will be big and you will miss having me around messing up your house with adorable little fingerprints.
He declined.
But he did include his age (Karl -age 48) and remembered to date his crafty card. 
I'm still not sure why he chose to use multiple paint colors.... but who am I to question artistic intent?
Here he is before he climbed into his little red car and hand delivered his hand card to his delighted (I'm sure) 
He was even good enough to smile and pose even knowing that his Dad's day card would show up on his wife's silly blog.
And here is Rosie's little handprint that inspired her dad to bust out the poster paint and get crafty to celebrate Father's Day.

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