Saturday, June 8, 2013

Our Single Lady.

Rosie's most often requested story is the one about our earliest days together.
She loves to hear about her babyhood in Ethiopia and then how she came to be a part of our family. She is the babystar of the story and she appreciates that.
So I often tell her about all of the nice ladies at the orphanage who took care of these loving and sweet ladies fed her bottles, changed her diapers and gave her lots and lots of hugs while she waited for us to come get her.
And Rosie always asks the same question about these orphanage nannies...
Did they teach me how to to dance?
And I always answer yes.
In Rosie's optimistic and glamorous mind, the NICE LADIES that I have told her about have became the SINGLE LADIES who happily groove and wiggle along side her beloved Beyonce waving their left hands and pointing out that someone really  "should'a put'a ring on it!"
Rosie really loves that video.
I think that the orphanage nannies in Rosie's mind would put Mary Poppins to shame. 
Rosie's nannies spent all day and night taking care of babies in addition to filming videos with Beyonce and thoughtfully gave dance clinics to every kid in the orphanage before they met their forever family and moved on.
Those single ladies were very busy but dedicated to their craft as well as caring for the children. 
  Not too long ago, Rosie was fresh home from dance and still in her leotard when she threw on her go-go boots (as one does) and ran upstairs. 
"Wait," I said, "let me take your picture" and grabbed my phone before she could run away.
She stopped, turned to me, struck this classic single ladies pose and said...
 "I think you want to take my picture because I look so much like the NICE SINGLE LADIES who gave me baby bottles and hugs and taught me to dance."
Exactly, Rosie.
While I certainly mean no disrespect to the women who took care of our girl in a loving way, (though not likely a manner that included Beyonce inspired dance moves), I am ok with Rosie remembering them in any positive way that she chooses. 
Life will teach her otherwise soon enough.
And while her details are a little fuzzy, Rosie is pretty sure that her earliest years were
 spent drinking baby bottles and learning to dance with the nice single ladies/orphanage nannies, who  had side jobs as Beyonce's back up singers. 
Which could definitely explain Rosie's strong and sassy attitude and also her sense of innate style.

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