Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Shiny New Graduate- Class of 2013!

Our Mary is an official graduate of Summit Country Day School class of 2013!
(she has the diploma and rose to prove it)
She did a little dance down the steps that she has climbed every day for 14 years...
as you can see- our girl was very, very happy and not a bit shy to show it.
Then she spent a few fun moments cracking up with one of her best pals Meg, who has climbed those steps right next Mary for just as many years.
However, this was one occasion that these two girls were wearing dresses that were both designed by future famous fashion designer Meg Matilde.
Meg developed and sketched each dress and then had another seamstress friend sew each fabulous graduation dress. 
Isn't it terrific to have such talented pals?    
If there was an "issue" with your high school credits, then instead of a diploma in your little blue folder, there was a note to see this man... Dr. Malone, high school principal, to get your service hours, or gym credit or whatever worked out. 
Happily, Mary did not receive such a note and is clutching her shiny new diploma instead.
And here is the proud family of our newest graduate...parents, grandparents, and little sis Lilly who as a middle school sibling, was able to serve as an assistant in the ceremony.
Because Mary's graduation was a historic event for our family, we really had to dress our concrete pig for the occasion. 
Here is Miss Mary in here brand new DePaul Blue Demon sweatshirt getting ready for the next chapter of her life- like the cheesy yard sign says... You Go Girl!

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