Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Connecting the Dots, an Original Piece by Mary Kirwan

Mary and Gina Cerimele-Mechley, her mentor
Without a doubt, the most rewarding part of being a parent is watching your kids find their footing at something that they are truly passionate about.
On Thursday and Friday evening Mary presented her original piece to a full house of love and encouragement at The Essex. 
She wrote, directed and produced an original piece called Connecting the Dots.
Mary interviewed friends and teachers about their thoughts on connection and then took their words and worked it into an original piece in the style of documentary theatre. 
And because it's Mary's show, it really had to be a musical...she has come to realize that all documentary theatre is made even more passionate and inspiring through song and dance.
I must agree.
 The play focused on personal connections, those made and missed, and their importance on the lives and futures of those involved. 
The young actors expressed their thoughts on connections through friendship and love and a little bit of loneliness, through spoken word and song. 
And while I realize that as the playwrights mother, I am absolutely biased...
 I thought it was very well done.   
 Mary could not have done this show without the help and support from her group of talented friends and teachers and she wisely recognized their support.
Connecting the Dots involved a cast of seven actors, and a production crew of four....that makes 11 busy people who agreed to be there for Mary and then followed through, staying up late, memorizing lines and choreography. 
The thing that I am the most proud of my girl is that she understands that asking people to give you their time and energy is a really big deal and she is grateful for every minute of their help.
She gets it.
The care and keeping of those important relationships helped to define the play that she worked so hard to create...the very act of Connecting the Dots
Bravo, girlfriend. 

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