Saturday, May 18, 2013

"You Have Made Me Strong..." a message from Charlotte.

I was awestruck by this message of gratitude and love written by my friend Charlotte to her mother.

Charlotte is a beautiful young adult who speaks very eloquently about the frustration of growing up with a disability and the role that her mother played in helping her to become strong and brave. 
She is more than wise in recognizing that her mom is always able to reach her and help her navigate life in a complicated world.
So with permission to post from Charlotte,
(who I have known since she was nine years old)
Here is my favorite message from Mother's Day 2013...

Dear, mother
 i love you so much you are always there for me threw thick and thin and no mater how stubern i am you always know how to get the words i need to hear threw my head and two my brain and i love that you taght me cooking and how to clean and how when i was litle you toght me how to love nature expt spiders and how to love flowers and growing vetetables you are my one and only mother forever and ever and no other person will ever take your place i admit i am slower and difrent with having a disablty but you have not failed in being there for me you have made me stronge and you helpd me see my disablty as a gift i will always cary that in my hart mom for without you holding my had when you did i probbly would not be the women i am today it takes guts when you feel difrent and cofused in the world with a disablty that is frustating and hard to deal with at times thats when a mother makes all the difrence becuse you see my streanths and weekness and you always have the right words to tell me whenever i am down.
Happy mothers day mom i will always be there for you and i am proud to be your dater 
I love you
Charlotte and her mother Karen...two gorgeous ladies.
If you were as moved as I was after reading Charlotte's note please leave her a a word of encouragement...I will make sure that she receives it.
Like she mentioned, it absolutely takes guts to share a piece of yourself when you feel different and confused, and I am grateful that she allowed me to share her Mother's Day message. 

Thank you dear Charlotte... you are an amazing young woman and your mom is extremely proud of you!

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