Friday, May 10, 2013

Don't Mess with Texas

I have a few Texans in my life who I adore, and one of them is Lyle Lovett. 
While he is not really a part of my life like we hang out on on Tuesday afternoons, I have been listening to him and enjoying his concerts for 20+ years and I think that counts for something. Also, he does happen to be friends with friends of ours (not such a huge degree of separation), and at his concert last night he gave a shout out AND dedicated my favorite song of his to Michael and Marilyn Wilson. 
Michael is Lyle's photographer and he mentioned that if you would like to have your picture taken, then you should call Michael.
Which is very true. 
Then he sang my favorite song about riding your pony, on a boat, on the ocean together for Marilyn and Michael, and it was really cool.
The lyrics to my favorite song "If I Had  Boat" are lovely and simple and I'm pretty sure that I know the words which is good, because in another one of his songs,  ("Give Back My Heart,") 
I THOUGHT I was hearing Lyle tell his cowgirl that he was not ready to commit and so she should go ahead and,
"take your BOOBS and walk out of my life," which sounded just right to me.
I was happily singing along to my own version of Lyle's lyric, when Karl pointed out, 
"'s not boobs, its BOOTS, take your BOOTS and walk out of my life."
So apologies to Mr. Lovett for trashing up his heartfelt lyric of love and loss...boobs and boots are quite different features of a cowgirl and should be treated as such. And so I have learned, like so many others who were at the concert last night, that you just really shouldn't mess with Texas. 

Thank you dear Lyle, for leaving the Lone Star State and coming to Cincinnati for a short visit....we're mighty grateful that you did.

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