Friday, May 3, 2013

The Upside of a Sarcastic Mom.

Henry on the Ohio, perhaps contemplating the upside of things.

This morning two of my wombats were fighting tooth and nail over one half of one mini was like Lord of the Flies only it was early, so it was more like Lord of the Cranky Morning Flies at breakfast. 

 So, I was deep into angry bagel battle when Lily, (the mild fly) asked for money...
Her need was valid. Dad only gave her enough lunch money for one day on Monday and she has been mooching money from her friends for the rest of the week. She needed to have money to pay back her pals, plus Friday lunch money.
And I was a total jerk about it and instead of saying ANYTHING else, or NOTHING at all,
I chose to say something sarcastic and snide about what difficult lunch time hardships she was forced to face this week and went back to my own troubles of bagel half warfare. 

Which was really rude and obnoxious of me .

But then again if I was a kinder, gentler, BETTER mom, then stuff like this would never happen.

Said Henry to Lily...
"on the upside, you are really lucky to have such nice friends to help you out at lunch." 

And then Karl, the kindly Dad, was good enough to notice this element of beauty in the middle of the kitchen morning chaos wise enough to comment on it. 
"Henry- you really do a great job of staying optimistic and seeing the good side... that can be a really tough thing to do and you do a good job with that....well done" 

Proving that it's not so terrible to be a sarcastic jerk of a mother sometimes because it gives the rest of your family a chance to rise to the occasion and be good to each other. 

(or maybe that's just me doing whatever I can to justify my own crabby parenting)


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